Preview of The Good Government Show: Season One

Co-hosts David Martin and Carol D’Auria discuss the upcoming first season of The Good Government Show. The hosts discuss...

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The Farmingdale Downtown Restoration

 Farmingdale is a bedroom community on Long Island, New York. A once thriving factory town, by the 2000’s it...

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Reading Revitalization

On this episode of the Good Government show we travel to Reading, Pa and meet the folks from Berks...

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A Tiny Piece of Paradise – Homes for the Homeless

For homeless veterans in Sonoma County, California, having the county help build you your own mini-house takes you off...

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Modernizing the old bookmobile

When the people couldn’t get to the library, or worse, didn’t have a library, the librarians in Catawaba County,...

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A solution over 75 years in the making, putting the Disabled to work

In this episode, we go all the way back to the New Deal from President Franklin D. Roosevelt and...

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