The Farmingdale Downtown Restoration

 Farmingdale is a bedroom community on Long Island, New York. A once thriving factory town, by the 2000’s it had become a shadow of what it once was. A largely empty downtown wasn’t attracting much interest or shoppers and large commercial buildings were laying empty. But, the local Mayor along with other government officials realized something had to be done to turn the town’s fortunes around. They had one big thing going for them. They were a commuter stop on the Long Island Railroad and daily thousands of people traveled into and out of Manhattan. They created a brownfield site out of abandoned warehouses, turned the area into apartment buildings that were attractive to young professionals working in New York City and soon the retailers and restaurants followed. Listen to how all this happened, how the new business owners have built successful operations and how the Mayor continues to lead the way. Join David and Carol as we visit Farmingdale, New York.