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A jail that’s not a jail, but a way out of Jail

Putting young teenagers in jail for felony offenses gets them off the street for awhile but it doesn’t rehabilitate them. So, in Smith County, Texas they found a better...

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A Park where Everyone can Bang on the Drum all Day

People with disabilities in Harford County, Maryland now have a wonderful way to get exercise thanks to a local plan. It’s a sensory trail and it features among other...

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Suicide Prevention Six Strings at a time

Meet the DD-214’s of Josephine County, Oregon. This is a group of combat war veterans who left their rifles behind and picked up a guitar. Thanks to one guitar...

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What’s Old is New Again updating a bowling alley to art Center

The county needed theater space and room for a museum. Some creative thinking by a handful of county officials turned an old and abandoned bowling alley into an arts...

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Taking Care of Women Veterans – Texas style

The state of Texas has the most women veterans in the entire country. But veterans’ programs were originally designed with men in mind. So, they had to think out...

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A solution over 75 years in the making, putting the Disabled to work

In this episode, we go all the way back to the New Deal from President Franklin D. Roosevelt and we meet the folks at Source America. Listen to their...

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Behind The Mic

David Martin at Sea

Dave Martin

Show Host

David Martin is one of the founding partners of Valley Park Productions and one of The Good Government show co-creators. He also is the co-host of the two and one of the reporters. 

A former television producer, David produced pieces for PBS in New York and also CBS News and WABC-TV. He also has an extensive background in newspapers, working as a reporter for the Daily News, the New York Post, Reuters, and the Staten Island Advance. 

As a magazine writer, he covered the airline industry for travel magazines, including Recommend and Travel Agent Magazine. It all started at WLIS AM, in Old Saybrook, Ct. as an on the air as a news reporter. When he’s not working, check the local rugby fields in season, or he may be out sailing.

Carol D'auria

Show Host

As a reporter and anchor at 1010 WINS, Carol has covered everything from the most infamous crimes, trials and tragedies of our time, to knotty political dilemmas, protests and social change; innovations in business, medicine, and government; inspiring community heroes; celebrities of the moment; and international disputes.

Over the years Carol has been the recipient of numerous awards including Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast, from the Associated Press; Best Continuing Coverage of Spot News, from the New York Press Club; the Front Page Award, from the Newswomen’s Club of New York; and Best New York Spot News Award, from United Press International.

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We’ve created this podcast as an antidote to the steady stream of negative government stories out there in the media environment.  No wonder trust in our institutions is at an all time low.  

Well,  we believe that if folks could stop yelling long enough to actually listen to stories about what government does for people every single day,  they’d be pretty darn impressed!