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National Association of Counties (NACo)

The Good Government Show is sponsored by NACO. That’s the National Association of Counties County Government is actually the oldest form of government in the in the United States and touches more people directly. Think about it. Roads, highways, hospitals, schools, recycling, law enforcement, water and sewers. In most of the country, those services are maintained by the county. That’s county government. NACO is a nationwide organization and they represent all 3,069 counties across the USA. NACO helps county government work better together, do things like sharing best practices and as we see in this and other episodes, when county government works well, well, that’s just good government.

Kutztown University

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Ourco found a way to make county government and changemakers even more effective. The folks at OurCo provide a platform that blends in-person and digital interactions to connect people in a more human way. The mobile app transforms meaningful conversations and reliable data into actionable insights that inspire positive change. Sort of like a flash poll. Wanna know if the community would rather have a dog park or a bike trail? OurCo can get you an answer immediately.

Engage your citizens, groups, and officials. Learn their wants and needs, build trust, and build programs and policies that advance your county, your job creators, and your constituents. Visit Ourco.com to learn how they do it and while you’re there… book a demonstration.


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