About Us

Valley Park Productions is a New York City-based production company with a mission to tell positive stories about America. 

There is a lot of distrust in government,much of it fed by the media that is rewarded by focusing on what’s wrong.  A lot of people think the government just wants to tax them and make it hard to start a business or that the government throws up too many rules. But the reality is that the government works hard everyday to make sure we have clean water, fresh air, open roads, modern hospitals, good schools and that we as Americans are safe.

That’s what this podcast is focused on.

The founders and partners are Jim Ludlow, the founder and president of Liquid Interactive, an on-line marketing firm, David Snyder, who produced for Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and PBS’s Sprout and David Martin a former producer for CBS News, the Fox News Channel and PBS Thirteen in New York City. All shows were created by the Valley Park Productions team.

Co-hosts David Martin and Carol D’Auria are experienced journalists who will present a new project in each episode. Each episode will feature the government worker, a mayor, a county commissioner, a veteran’s affairs officer, or the public works project manager who said, “There must be a better way.” Then they made it happen. We will also the folks who made the project a success, and last but not least, we hear from the people who benefited from these amazing good government-in-action projects. Listeners will hear personal and amazing stories of good government doing good work for good people.