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The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.
– Thomas Jefferson

We’re from the government. We’re here to help you! It’s true, ask the millions of people across the country who have been touched by government services that gave them a ride to the supermarket, or got them a library book, or built them a house, or gave them a new suit for a job interview. Because all of those services are provided by your government every day in every state, county, and town, it’s all because Good Government provides good services and creates good projects for Americans.
There is a lot of distrust in the government. Many people think the government wants to tax you, make it hard to start a business or throw up too many rules. But in reality, the government works hard every day to ensure we have clean water, fresh air, open roads, modern hospitals, good schools, and are safe.

But the government also gets involved in the details. And these are the good stories we are going to tell on The Good Government Show.

Some stories you will hear about include; a California program that built mini-houses for homeless veterans, a Kansas county that revitalized an abandoned bowling alley and ice rink and turned it into a modern county museum, theater, office space, and wedding venue, a rural North Carolina county that put a library in a van and brings books to kids without school libraries and created mobile hotpots so folks can use computer services, a new local public transportation service in Georgia where folks can call the county for a bus pick up and a group of veterans in Oregon who formed a local music group where they bring other veterans into the group, providing fellow vets a safe support group and bring music to local events. 

Co-hosts David Martin and Carol D’Auria are experienced journalists who will present a new project in each episode. Each episode will feature the government worker, a mayor, a county commissioner, a veteran’s affairs officer, or the public works project manager who said, “There must be a better way.” Then they made it happen. We will also the folks who made the project a success, and last but not least, we hear from the people who benefited from these amazing good government-in-action projects. Listeners will hear personal and amazing stories of good government doing good work for good people.