Taking Care of Women Veterans – Texas style

The state of Texas has the most women veterans in the entire country. But veterans’ programs were originally designed...

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What’s Old is New Again updating a bowling alley to art Center

The county needed theater space and room for a museum. Some creative thinking by a handful of county officials...

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Suicide Prevention Six Strings at a time

Meet the DD-214’s of Josephine County, Oregon. This is a group of combat war veterans who left their rifles...

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A Park where Everyone can Bang on the Drum all Day

People with disabilities in Harford County, Maryland now have a wonderful way to get exercise thanks to a local...

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A jail that’s not a jail, but a way out of Jail

Putting young teenagers in jail for felony offenses gets them off the street for awhile but it doesn’t rehabilitate...

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Clear blue water and deep dirty problems, how the Florida Keys are cleaning their polluted waterways

Developers created miles and miles of beautiful waterfront coastline, but that also created water so polluted you couldn’t sit...

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